Program Evaluation System

LET’S GO has been developing our program evaluation system for 10 years since our inception (2010). It is important to the LET’S GO team to understand the impact we are having on the students and teachers we serve consistent with our mission–“Break the Cycle of Poverty through STEM Education and Workforce Development.” We are committed to reporting the return on investment resulting from the funding we receive.

Our program evaluation starts with our Theory of Change Logic Model consisting of a series of “if-then” statements. Each of these statements is a hypothesis for each change step in our logic model. We test each of our hypotheses by collecting and analyzing data from our own program consistent with our defined indicators of success.

• “If we provide this support to our students, then we can expect this outcome.”
• “If the students achieve this outcome, then we can expect the students to achieve the next outcome.”


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Evidence of Mission Success

We believe in the adage: “What gets measured, gets managed.” We continuously strive to improve our program support/delivery operating model to achieve the highest internal test scores. Simultaneously with our big picture thinking, LET’S GO holds itself accountable to partners, funders, and our team as a whole, to deliver on our mission and be able to report how we are accomplishing our mission. In addition to our efforts to collect monitoring data, LET’S GO partners with a third-party evaluator to ensure we are meeting our strategic goals.

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