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LETS GO partners with schools and youth organizations to establish high-quality, ‘hands on, minds on,’ STEM programs for youth in underserved communities. We provide effective capacity-building support to our partners through strategic planning, program coordination and evaluation, hands-on instructor workshops and coaching, volunteer training, curriculum selection, and ready-to use materials. Our comprehensive, customizable services provide each partner with the support they need to develop and implement a successful STEM program

Our end goal is to create and implement programs that are sustainable and replicable within a community.

STEM Activity Materials and Resources

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—STEM drives our economy in the information age.

  • High quality, hands-on minds-on, informal STEM curricula
  • Ready-to-use materials and consumable replacement kits
  • Customized pacing guides and student workbooks

Professional Development

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—STEM drives our economy in the information age.

  • Instructor Training Workshops
  • Personalized shadow training
  • Ongoing 1-1 coaching: onsite and virtual
  • Technical assistance for STEM materials
  • Intern and volunteer training and coordination
  • STEM inventory training and management resources

Program Planning and Coordination with Administrators and Site Directors

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—STEM drives our economy in the information age.

  • Long/short range planning
  • Program management
  • ‘Best fit’ curriculum selection

STEM Scholar Program and Family Engagement

  • STEM related field trips, competition teams, and Pop-Up Events
  • Student Showcases and Family STEM Nights
  • Guest speakers to develop STEM career awareness or career exploration
  • Guidance navigating school choice application process
  • Newsletters and communication connecting families to other STEM resources and opportunities
  • Informal mentoring with students and families
  • Workforce development
  • Support identifying and applying to internships and other workforce development opportunities
  • Soft Skills Workshops
  • Ongoing mentoring during internships
  • Jr Assistant (near peer mentor/instructor)

Evaluation: Outputs and Outcomes

  • Operating statistics
  • Program quality assessment
  • The PEAR Institute: Partnerships in Education and Resilience at Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital, Dimensions of Success (DoS)
  • Student assessment
  • STEM Content assessments for activities
  • PEAR, Common Instrument Suite (CIS) measures STEM interest, identity, engagement, career knowledge, and socio-emotional learning (SEL)
  • In-school and STEM program attendance
  • Student STEM History
  • Tracking student acceptance into STEM programs and schools
  • Standardized test scores
  • Instructor assessment
  • PEAR, Common Instrument Suite for Educators (CIS-E) measures facilitator confidence and facilitator observations on student improvement in STEM
  • LETS GO Training Evaluation measures instructor confidence facilitating STEM activities

We Believe In Change

What to learn more about LETS GO’S services? Request a copy of our Information packet and/or meeting with our program team.

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By equipping underserved youth in impoverished areas of Baltimore City and Washington, DC with STEM identities and workforce development skills, LETS GO Boys and Girls is making a sustainable impact to improve their lives, their economic outlook, and their communities.

Support our work by making a donation to LETS GO Boys and Girls, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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LETS GO Boys and Girls, Inc. 
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The LETS GO Boys and Girls is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

EIN: 61-1612453

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