“I love how the program is introducing students to STEM opportunities and allowing them to fully explore their curiosity. I have sat through a project and I was surprised that they were introducing middle school students to concepts that are being taught to high schoolers. This will give them a step up if they do decide to pursue a STEM. career.”

Volunteer STEM activity assistant

We rely on volunteers who give their time, energy, and enthusiasm to help us accomplish the important work of bringing high quality STEM learning and workforce development programs into our communities. Whether you’re looking for a day of meaningful service or a long-term commitment, your help is essential to advancing our mission.

With LETS GO, you have the opportunity to empower the next generation of STEM professionals reach their full potential. Because of the support of people like you, students can achieve the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century workforce. Learn how you can serve as a volunteer with LETS GO by filling out the form below.

“LETS GO was very responsive, helpful, and professional in regards to the outreach about the opportunity I participated in. It was a fantastic experience, would definitively volunteer again.”

Volunteer STEM team assistant coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment required to volunteer?

We offer a wide variety of opportunities for volunteers: ongoing, occasional, or one-time. Although our need for volunteers is greatest during the weekdays, there may also be evening and weekend opportunities available. Many of our volunteers work full-time jobs and have a multitude of commitments during the week. Some find time to help before work or during a lunch break! Spending time working with bright young minds in the classroom can provide a welcome and rewarding break from the office. Take a look at our opportunities on the form below to determine which ones best fit your schedule.

Do I need to be a STEM professional or student to volunteer?

Not at all! While STEM professionals are invaluable as they bring their real-world experiences into the classroom, we offer many meaningful volunteer opportunities for both STEM and non-STEM professionals. These include: serving as mentors, general administration, student tracking and communications, and much more.

Can I volunteer safely during COVID-19?

Yes, in Spring 2020, we pivoted to accommodate virtual, remote-based learning. When in-person programming or coordination can take place, we will always follow all health and safety guidelines. Some of the current volunteerism with LETS GO involves acting as a virtual guest speaker and assisting in STEM kit preparation and delivery, among other opportunities.

Where can I volunteer?

LETS GO currently accepts volunteers who can serve (virtually or in-person) our partners in Baltimore City, Washington, DC, and Anne Arundel County.

What can I expect when I volunteer?

Volunteering with LETS GO is incredibly rewarding. Because our activities are hands-on, you will experience a high level of engagement as you observe students explore their STEM interest and identity. All volunteers are onboarded and trained as necessary, depending on the complexity of the position.